imageIn my latest critic of The Cabin in the Woods, I have vigorously emphasized how I felt let down by its supposedly radical ending; therefore judging as excessive the hype generated by the promotional campaign of the film. This unnecessary fuss bugged me but I got over it. It is not like I had waited for this movie like it was the Second Coming. And to be fair, they did not market it as such. Contrary to PROMETHEUS.

The way it had been promoted did not only lead me to believe that I was going to see a cinematographic masterpiece; but also that something incredibly important about life itself would be revealed to me. This sounds corny but if books can be the vectors of essential revelations why films could not act as such too?

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imageFinding in the same sentence the names “Robert Pattinson” and “David Cronenberg” is something I absolutely did not see coming. When I learned that the Twilight star was starring as the lead in the Canadian director’s new production, I found it more bizarre than all of Cronenberg oeuvres combined. I thought Pattinson did not deserve to be working with such a mythical filmmaker. What has he done in his relatively short career that has led him to this role ? Nothing. It felt as strange as if a Days of our Lives actor suddenly got a big part in a Coppola movie. Looking back at my initial reaction, I feel a bit ashamed as I clearly exhibited the elitist bias I condemned in my Battleship critic. In my defence, I quickly decided to give him a chance after seeing the trailer of COSMOPOLIS which made me hope that the Cronenberg we love had returned after his lethargic A Dangerous Method (2011).
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image“Has Tim Burton lost his mojo?” is the question that is on everybody’s lips. Judging by the fact that 100.000 visitors have already seen the exhibition dedicated to the director in Paris (in comparison, it took the last year Kubrick event five months to attain this number), the answer seems to be negative. It is not very surprising though considering the worldwide popularity of Tim Burton and the intense love the French public has for him. However, when reading the press reviews of Burton’s latest opus and listening to people’s opinions, it sounds like his star is fading. Ever since the releases of Alice In Wonderland and Sweeney Todd , his status of genius director has been challenged. This deconsecration of a sacred monster appears to have reached its epitome with the almost unanimous calling-out of his allegedly fiasco DARK SHADOWS .

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